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The Bulldog Club of Indiana distinguished History

A preliminary meeting was on held October 18, 1935, to determine whether any other Bulldog owners felt it worthwhile to organize Indiana's first Bulldog club. The answer was affirmative, and the date for an organizational meeting was set.

Club membership was “ limited to those really interested in the betterment of the breed,” according to the club archives. There were 20 charter members. Ten associate members also were added to the club roster. They included the publishers -of two popular, nationally circulated all-breed dog magazines, Miss Alice Rosenthal, a longtime Bulldog admirer and publisher of Dog News, and Mr. Will Judy, publisher of Dog World magazine.

The Bulldog Club of Indiana, Inc., received its charter in 1937 from the Bulldog Club of America.

The BCI, the oldest of three BCA member clubs in Indiana, has had the distinction of hosting the National Specialty show at Indianapolis five times since the BCA's historic reorganization, which was completed in 1950. The BCA's first transitional National Specialty was held at Indianapolis in late 1949, followed by four more National Specialties in 1954, 1962, 1994 and 2001.

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