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Entry Fees and Payment Instructions



  3/9/24 BCI Specialty morning show = $35 per dog


   3/9/24 BCI Specialty evening show = $35 per dog

3/10/24  BCI Show morning show = $35 per dog


   3/10/24 BCI Specialty evening show = $35 per dog



example - one female bred-by entered in BCI 3/9 show ($35), in BCI 3/10 show ($35),  = Total $70 for this female


example - one male entered in Best of Breed all 4 shows = ($35 x 4 shows) = Total $140 for this male


So in the above example, the total amount to enter in paypal is $210.00 (ie..70+140=210) (then click update)


then, if you have a Paypal account just sign in. If no paypal account just enter your info and it will allow you to pay with credit card.


**there is a $3.00 total fee for using Paypal service which is automatically added to you total**


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